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SMART Engine break in system

Even the accuracy of the engine components already produce by high precision instruments, but there still need for break-in process let our engine to archive
the best performance  ..

After the engine is assembled, the piston must be more encrypted with the cylinder surface through break-in to achieve the best performance of the engine.
During the break-in engine process, you must restrain over heat or speed. Do not over push on the throttle and excessively increase the speed.

During the break-in period, try to avoid use constant speed (idling speed) for a long time.

When the engine is break-in, please try to let the engine reach the working temperature. Avoid heavy loading as much as possible during the break in of
the new engine.

With our artificial intelligence true break in system you can solve all these problem 

SMART Engine Break-in Machine demonstration with Ryan Lutz 

SMART Engine Break-in Machine demonstration with Ryan Lutz .This video shows a quick overview of the SMART Engine Break-in Machine and some of it's features.

Our concept

Our aim is to develop and make an artificial intelligence break in system.

This system will provide real break in process and handle most the job under automatically. Due to the whole process is control by intelligent system, so it can provide more precise, stable and safer control to complete the break in process. We name the machine "SMRT Engine Break in System"....

Through the system you can Program most parameter according to your own preferences. There will be safely features to protect your engine during the break in process. 

Why we need 

SMART Engine Break in System

There are many different opinions about the way to break-in engine, can be summarized into “break-in bench method" ,“oil SPA method ","cold break-in method “to give the engine have best performance. However,
it is necessary to tell that why we still need​​ ​​ 
SMART Engine Break in System​​ 

Avoid over run by idling speed. The engine needs to experience varying level of load, pressure, temperature and speed recommended by the manufacturer during break in process.

Avoid engine break in under the operating temperature range. This is because when the engine reaches the operating temperature. All components will expand the size according to the operating
temperature under heat expansion.

SMART Engine Break in System
provide with Programmable and Constantly :
1.Working temperature
3.Liner throttle curve
4.Operating cycle and cooling cycle time
5.Cooling temperature
6.Loading Unit

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what is TDC function

Make sure the piston parking at right position 

When the engine stopped at working temperature, once the piston was parking at "Top Dead Center" cause by heat expansion it will damage the piston and liner when the engine was cool down.  
This function will detect and park the piston at the "Bottom Dead Center" when the engine was stopped, to avoid damage the piston and liner cause by metal shrinkage once the engine was cool down.
When the engine before star we need have more running stroke to avoid piston was jammed .
This function will detect and park the piston at the Top Dead Center" make sure have maximum running stroke before star. 

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Break in system in Korea

Kelvin Lee

Break in system in Korea

GD RC Factory