SMART Engine Break in system

Provide with programmable and constantly control- 
Temperature Safety cut off-
RPM Safety cut off-
Working Temperature control-
Idling Speed control Cooling Temperature control-
Liner Throttle curve control-
Adjustable Loading-TDC Detection

front view

Smart Engine Break in System

Version 5.3

front view

Smart Engine Break in System

Version 5.3

real view

Smart Engine Break in System

Version 5.3

real view

Smart Engine Break in System

Version 5.3

what we provided with our system

We design a series of automatic detection and protection functions for the system. Equipped with these facilities more safer, more accurate and more stable throughout the break in process.

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special heat sink unit

Heatsink unit completed with heater provide working temperature during break in process

Temperature sensor

Digital temperature sensor detect engine working temperature and cooling temperature.

ignition control unit

Ignition control unit supply stable power and accurate timming when engine stars. This control unit also provide automatic plug detection and indicate the status with LED light. 

Speed control unit

RPM sensor detect engine operating speed, proved stable and accurate operating speed. Automatic shutdown will start once engine over speed.

Throttle control unit

Automatically control throttle lever according to idling speed or programmed throttle curve. 

engine shutdown unit

Special design shut down the engine by blocking exhaust outlet. Engine will slow down before totally shut down. 

Loading unit

Adjustable loading provide suitable loading for different engine requirements during break in process.

Front Panel

Front control panel provided 1"x3"LCD display with backlight. Led indicator show operating status during process. Touch key pad for program different parameters.

Selectable temperture units  

Temperature unit C/F show on display slelcted by end user. 

Safety cover

Detachable safety cover provided viewable and fully protection during sysstem operating. Quick detach design user can easy remove and install the cover for engine installation.

Fuse protection 

System fully protected by individuals fuse block.

Fuel tank

500ml large size fuel tank and Aux fuel tank attach near the engine.

Battery level meter

Lipo battery level meter indicate the battery capacity. 

rs-232 serial port

Communication port for firmware upgrade by end user.

wifi modular 

Real time data transfer to PC or handphones during break in process.